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Ali Kubba: Consultant Gynaecologist in London

Mr Ali Kubba is a London-based Consultant Gynaecologist and recognised international authority in contraception and reproductive health. Committed to a holistic, patient-centred approach, he offers a comprehensive range of outpatient gynaecology services for women of all ages at London Bridge Hospital and Westminster Bridge Consulting Rooms at St Thomas’ Hospital. He also has a base in Harley Street.


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About Mr Ali Kubba

Mr Ali Kubba is senior consultant in colposcopy, cervical screening, contraception and reproductive health at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust. He leads the Trust’s colposcopy service, which is the largest in London and one of the largest in the country. As a consultant in sexual and reproductive health, he also provides care for medical gynaecology, genital tract infections, contraception, smears and menopause, as well as training for doctors and nurses.

Mr Kubba is recognised as an international authority in contraception and reproductive health and has an extensive background in service development, research and training. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1995 and is an Honorary Professor at Basra Medical College in Iraq and ex-Chair of the International Affairs Committee of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

Other positions currently held by Mr Kubba are being the Vice President of the European Society of Contraception and reproductive health and executive committee member of the European Society of Gynaecology. He is also a founding member of the International Consortium for Male Contraception. He holds several editorial posts in international journals.

Mr Kubba has been awarded a B distinction Clinical Excellence Award.

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Patient-centred care

Mr Kubba adopts a patient-centred approach, using his long experience in gynaecology to provide individually-tailored investigations and treatment plans that avoid any unnecessary tests or procedures and that employ the full spectrum of potential treatments, from surgical and medical to natural or lifestyle remedies. Consultations are not time-limited, allowing patients as much time as they need, both in the clinic and beyond.

Available 24/7 by means of email, Mr Kubba ensures that his focus is on the whole person, rather than the problem in isolation. For him, prevention of future problems, quality of life and physical, sexual and emotional fulfilment are integral to any treatment plan.

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Mr Kubba’s areas of clinical interest are:

  • Colposcopy and abnormal cervical smears: investigation of abnormal bleeding and polyps; loop diathermy treatment; HPV testing, treatment of genital warts and HPV vaccination
  • Contraception: including complex problems such as lost IUDs/coils and contraceptive implant removal; problems with side effects of hormones; the Mirena coil and the latest range of these devices; use of local anaesthesia; female barriers such as caps and diaphragms
  • Endometriosis: assessment and medical management
  • Fibroids: assessment and medical management
  • General gynaecology
  • Gynaecological infections; vaginal discharge
  • Menopause: including non-hormonal treatments and hormone implants; genito-urinary problems due to hormonal changes; innovative management of menopause
  • Menstrual disorders: including abnormal bleeding; heavy, painful and prolonged periods
  • Pelvic pain
  • Polycystic ovaries: including skin, menstrual or hormonal problems
  • Premenstrual tension (PMS)
  • Well woman screening: screening for a comprehensive range of gynaecological conditions, including cervical screening and life style advice

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Mr Kubba adheres to fees standards of insurance companies. For self-paying patients, his fees do not exceed £250 for a 1st consultation and £180 for a follow-up consultation.

In addition to stated consultation times, appointments are available by special arrangement to suit the patient's convenience.

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Research interests

Mr Kubba has a research interest in cervical pre-cancer, colposcopy, HPV and innovative ways to manage menopause. He lectures widely, both in the UK and internationally.

Mr Kubba has over 100 publications in various international journals and is the author/co-editor of seven books, including the text book Contraception and Office Gynaecology: Choices in Reproductive Healthcare (Balliere Tindall, 1999).

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What patients say about Ali Kubba

Thank you so much for all of your help and support in getting us to this point. It's quite unbelievable!

by Private patient, Dec 2019

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